About Davis

Davis School Mission Statement

The mission of the Davis Elementary School is to provide the highest quality of education by consistently improving upon and embracing instruction in all curriculum areas.  We will provide relevant staff development, relevant enrichment programs for all students and ensure a positive school climate.  Our goals and objectives reflect the collaborative efforts of our entire staff, representatives of our PTA, students, parents and members of our Davis community.

Why You Should be Proud of Davis School

Davis School is one of the top ten elementary schools in New York State.  In fact, the State University of Albany selected Davis as one of the top ten high performing elementary schools for a study based on our students’ solid performance on the New York State Assessment tests.  In March 2002, The New York Times reported on the high performance of both minority and white students at Davis.  In June 2006, the New York State Education Department cited Davis, with its 20% improvement on the 4th grade English Language Arts assessment, as one of the State’s most improved schools.  Our library has been recognized as an “Electronic Doorway Library” by the New York State Department of Education.

Davis is more than just a set of (excellent) standardized test scores though.  Davis School is the home of caring, committed and cultured students, faculty and staff.  Thanks to the Magnet Overlay program (a program through which Davis receives additional funds from the District), every child at Davis participates in an arts-in-education consultant program.  Professionals in various aspects of the arts — dance, puppet theater, book-making and story telling – work with the students to teach them their craft.  The children then take what they have been taught and experience the art by performing it themselves.  Each child at Davis also attends a live theater performance, free of charge.  Because Davis believes that the voice of each child at Davis is important, our students each participate in a musical production within the Davis school regardless of ability.  Starting in Kindergarten our students are encouraged to let their voices ring out.

In keeping with the belief that no man is an island (a belief incidentally that plays out each day as the faculty and staff work together to insure that each child receives the best education possible), Davis is an active member of the New Rochelle community and the community-at-large.  Davis and the PTA have jointly sponsored fundraising activities to benefit the victims of September 11th, Hurricane Katrina and the victims of the 2004 Tsunami.  Our students have collected pet food for the local Humane Society, sponsored coat drives and food drives and worked with local senior citizens (an activity that may possibly have benefited the students even more than those they thought they were assisting).   Our school has also been recognized by Jump Rope for the Heart, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and by A Penny Can Make a Difference.

We’re not the only ones who think our good works and efforts deserve rewarding.   Davis has applied for and received numerous grants including ones from:  the Southern Poverty Law Center for Teaching Tolerance, Texaco, the Jeremy Scheinfeld Foundation, the Topfer Family Foundation, the New Rochelle Fund for Excellence.  These grants, used in numerous ways, help enhance our students and guarantee that a Davis student is a well-rounded, concerned human being.

Davis is also the home to the Peer Mediation Program.  Begun in 1998, this program, open to 4th and 5th graders, teaches our students how to help themselves in situations of conflict, build self-awareness and self-esteem, and how to work as a team.  The program, which is entirely voluntary, is comprised of three parts:  peer mediation (students learn how to help their fellow students peaceably resolve their differences), peer teaching (peer mediators teach students in kindergarten through 3rd grade about values such as honesty and integrity using books and open-ended dialog) and peer counseling (helping fellow students improve social skills and work in a group).  These dedicated students go through rigorous training aided and supported by the entire Davis faculty and staff.  They are an integral part of the Davis community and, hopefully, the community in which they ultimately choose to live.