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First Grade
Second Grade
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We welcome kindergarteners to Davis School, the Davis graduating class of 2018. These new students should prepare themselves for an exciting year of learning, friendships and fun.  The teachers will provide a language-rich environment that inspires and encourages everyone to learn.  The kindergarten program is centered on reading and writing activities, including time in the computer lab.

The kindergarten year is filled with parties and celebrations!  Parent involvement is welcome.

Some of the events to look forward to are: The Halloween Parade and Party, the Thanksgiving Feast, Winter Holiday Party, the 100 Days Celebration, Winter Sing-Along on Valentine’s Day, Fun Day, the Carnival and more.  You can help out with any of these special activities by volunteering to be a class parent. Information on becoming a class parent will be available at Meet the Teachers Night, in the Davis PTA Bulletin and on the Davis Website.

At the end of the day a parent or a guardian must meet his or her child outside the kindergarten exit.  Children using bus transportation will be escorted to their buses.

The kindergarten program at Davis School is a launch to an exciting, busy and enriching school career.  Enjoy the fun!

First Grade
Now that your child has completed kindergarten, parents and students naturally tend to wonder about what the first grade experience will be like.  What can you expect?  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:  Your child will experience a full school day at Davis.  Part of the excitement of advancing to the first grade is eating lunch at school. At lunchtime, an adult escorts the children to the cafeteria and seats them at assigned tables, usually grouped by homeroom.

Children may bring lunch from home or buy the meal at school.  To help you and your child in this dining adventure, the school sends home menus monthly in your child’s folder. Homeroom teachers will collect the lunch money every morning. Weather permitting, the children go outside for outdoor recess at lunchtime

Academically, first grade can be very exciting!  It is thrilling to witness the transformation as children become readers. The reading program includes an emphasis on writing, spelling, punctuation and beginning grammar.

Each week your busy first grader will participate in a full AMPEL schedule (art, music, physical education, and library studies).  For most of these classes, your child will leave his or her homeroom.  We will also participate in the cultural arts program.

The first grade can be an adjustment for some children.  The teachers at Davis are experienced, caring and supportive of children and parents.  You can look forward to a very positive and exciting year.

Second Grade
Second grade at Davis is a very busy year.  As in first grade, educators place students in groups for language arts classes.  In language arts, the children continue to improve their reading and comprehension skills, their vocabulary, creative writing (self expression, observations) and critical thinking skills, and are introduced to poetry.  Students use the Computer Lab weekly in conjunction with the language arts class.

In math, teachers introduce and emphasize new numerical skills throughout the year. These include multi-digit addition and subtraction; grouping and regrouping.  Second graders also start to learn such new concepts as estimating and measurement.  In October, second-grade teachers will use Pumpkin Math — using pumpkins to illustrate math principles — to demonstrate many of these lessons.

This year, your child can look forward to the arrival of a little friend – a chick.  Second graders follow the bird’s development and record its progress.  In order to strengthen students’ logic and thinking skills, a chess instructor will hold weekly classes to teach them the game’s rules and strategies.

This year, the children will take the District Assessment in ELA and Math.  The teacher will spend a significant amount of time in helping to prepare students for this Assessment.  Scores are sent home or parents can come into school to review their child’s results with the homeroom teacher.

Homework is assigned regularly.  Most children will have homework Monday through Thursday nights and the time needed to complete the amount of homework will vary by student.  Students will be required to read for 15 minutes every night.  While second grade can be a lot of work, it is also fun.  Your child will take part in assemblies, compete at Field Day, class trips, cultural arts/magnet overlay programs, attend AMPEL classes and celebrate various holidays.

Second grade is a great year at Davis!

Third Grade
The biggest change for children in the Third Grade is that they are now placed in groups for math as well as language arts.  Children leave their homeroom each day to go to a math class best suited for their learning rate and skill.  Parents should be aware that their child might have three different teachers in the third grade: homeroom, language arts and math.  Students will use the Computer Lab for challenging math programs.

Another change comes as part of music class:  Third graders learn to play the recorder.  For some children it’s their first introduction to reading music and playing an instrument.

In the third grade, your child will learn how to write in cursive.  After learning all the letters children will be expected to complete certain assignments and projects in script.

At the end of third grade, children may be eligible for the district-wide Kaleidoscope and Modified Kaleidoscope Program which is housed at Davis.  A child may qualify for the full and/or part-time program based on selected criteria, such as various test scores and skill development.  A child who qualifies for the district-wide program may enter a lottery that is held near the end of the school year. Parents will learn about their child’s status in late June.

As in previous years, third graders participate in school shows and cultural arts offerings, such as the “See, Hear, Feel, Film” educational program at the Jacob Burns Film Center, under the Magnet Overlay Program.  In addition there are holiday parties and end-of-the-year celebrations.

Fourth Grade
In fourth grade, students begin to focus more deeply on academics. They develop into responsible and independent learners.  Science studies include natural sciences, plants, animals and adaptations as well as energy, matter and electricity.  The study of New York State makes up the social studies program. In math and language arts, the children will prepare for the mandated New York State assessments.  Skills tested will include listening and comprehension, reading for content and creative writing

Children are exposed to a rich selection of literature through assigned readings, read-aloud and DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) times.  In sharpening their math skills, students must learn the basics in arithmetic. Topics will include fractions, understanding decimals, geometry, measurements and complex problem solving.

In the fall, students visit the Norwalk Maritime Center to enhance the topic of animal adaptations.  As part of our study of immigration we will see a play, Coming to America.

Fourth grade is also the first year that students may play an instrument in the school band or orchestra.  All will participate in chorus and present a concert that will showcase their new musical skills.

For the students, parent involvement and leadership is imperative.  While supporting the children’s academic, emotional and social growth, fourth-grade parents are also needed to help run various fundraising events during the school year.  These help lower the cost of fifth-grade graduation activities in the following year.

Your child should look forward to an enjoyable and successful school year.  The fourth grade teachers would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Fifth Grade
The 5TH Grade class will be studying historical sources, both primary and secondary, as well as reviewing comprehension strategies, analyzing charts and maps, and reviewing key social studies concepts.

In all Language Arts classes students will study the genre of poetry.  They will be encouraged to submit original poems for the Poetry Out Loud Celebration.  Some students’ poems will appear in a published poetry anthology and these students will even have the opportunity to read their poem to an audience at a New Rochelle School District location.

Traditionally, the fifth graders enjoy a spring trip to a Broadway show.  They are well-prepared for their day at the theater with in-school workshops given by Carol Kelly {Magnet Overlay Program}.

Students will visit Caramoor in Katonah, NY which will bring them back to the middle ages.  While wearing costumes they will view medieval art, falconry, music, dance and theatre.

In addition to increasing the number of Smart Boards, all classes will have the opportunity to use the rotating cart of laptops.  Students will continue to visit the Computer Lab at least twice a week to enhance their classroom learning.

The fifth-grade teaching staff strives to prepare students academically and socially for the transition to middle school the following year.  In the spring, the children visit Albert Leonard Middle School, where they meet the principal, tour the facility and learn about the “three houses”.
In celebration of their final year at Davis, students will enjoy many planned activities organized by the parents and teachers.